This 12 Minute Metabolic Trick Burns More Fat Than One Hour Of Traditional (low intensity) Cardio:

Inside this short fat loss video, I’m going to talk about why combining high-intensity exercise, like CrossFit, with low-carb diets is a recipe for disaster and can actually make you store more belly fat. So I’m also going to reveal two simple tricks that you can use every week to combat this problem and reverse all the negative side effects from a high-intensity exercise with a low-carb diet approach.

So I want to tell you the quick story about my client Monica and how she got involved with the CrossFit community and started doing the paleo diet, after she had worked with me for a couple of years at my personal training studio in Ann Arbor, after I sold them in 2008.

And it happens all the time with other people, like it does with Monica.

Monica reached out to me, on Facebook, after two weeks of doing CrossFit in conjunction with the paleo diet. She let me know, I feel like I’m storing more fat. I can’t recover. I feel like crap. And I have no energy. These CrossFitters are obscenely obsessed with the paleo diet, Shaun. Please help. What do I do?

So the first thing that I immediately told her was that, after just about seven days of using a high-intensity exercise protocol, like CrossFit, in conjunction with a low-carb diet will get you tremendous results, initially. But after one week, you suppress your body’s number one fat burning gland, your thyroid. And then, you’ll also get something called metabolic slowdown, where your body actually fights back and wants to hang on to belly fat.

So simply by adding white starches or starchy-based natural carbohydrates, post-workout, in combination with protein and vegetables, you can combat this problem, spike your metabolism, elevate your leptin levels, and increase your thyroid’s efficiency.

The other trick that you can use to assist with this is to simply have a cheat meal, one time per week. If you’re at a maintenance level, you can feel free to have a cheat day. But if you’re trying to lose belly fat, I recommend just one cheat meal per day.

So by adding in specific starches and ripe fruits, post-workout, and adding in one cheat meal per week. Now, you spike leptin levels, you get your thyroid cranking again, and you increase your metabolic rate. So now, you just have to make sure that you’re moving right, based on your age category.

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