We’re super excited to kick off Paleo Rewind 2022!
This collaboration of channels will be discussing palaeontological discoveries from each month of 2022.
Here at Prehistoric Australia, we dig straight into January.
Merry Christmas everyone!

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As channels upload their videos, we will provide links here so you can watch the full series of Paleo Rewind 2022:

January – Dec 20th
Prehistoric Australia
The video you seek is hiding in plain sight…

February – Dec 21st
Raptor Chatter

March – Dec 22nd
Thought Potato

April – Dec 23rd
Gutsick Gibbon

May – Dec 24th
Ben G Thomas

June – Dec 25th

July – Dec 26th

August – Dec 27th

September – Dec 28th
Henry the PaleoGuy

October – Dec 29th
Cretaceous Cast

November – Dec 30th
Paleo Analysis

December – Dec 31st

Final compilation video – Jan 1st


Special thanks to our Script Editor for this video: Kathryn Barnes


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0:00 Introduction to Paleo Rewind 2022 (January)
1:02 T. rex facial nerves and lips (again)
2:45 ‘Meat made us human’ theory is wrong
4:12 Lichen ‘trees’ formed the first canopies
5:57 Oldest fossil marsupial
6:53 Rare fossils prove Australia dried out
9:00 Special thanks + Credits
9:38 References + Link to February video by Raptor Chatter

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