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1. Morning Paleo Smoothie | Paleo Diet Lifestyle
by Sébastien Noël – in 433 Google+ circles – More by Sébastien Noël
A fast and simple smoothie recipe using coconut milk and fruits to create a concoction that will kick-start your morning with a healthy portion of fat and fruit.

jeremy medina — 8 hours ago — 
Diet Smoothies
3. Paleo Diet: Blueberry Spinach Smoothie | mainebelle
Mar 23, 2012 — For the past two weeks, I’ve been on a “paleo” diet. I started seeing a nutritional therapist to check in on my diet — what foods are good for me, …
4. Paleo Diet Smoothies
Paleo Diet Smoothies offer muscle-building, fat burning, brain boosting,and … Drinking a Paleo Diet Smoothie daily will help you to become stronger, healthier, …
6. 5 Reasons Why You Should Add Paleo Smoothies to Your Diet
Jul 19, 2012 — Today’s guest post is from one of my favorite bloggers that is new on my radar: Todd, aka Primal Toad. His blog was recently on my Top 10 Best …
7. Beth’s Blog: GamJams Reviews – Recovery Drinks: Paleo Diet for …
Jul 30, 2009 — GamJams Reviews – Recovery Drinks: Paleo Diet for AthletesSmoothie. Paleo Smoothie of choice for me: 8 ice cubes, 2 oz coconut milk, …
8. Practical Paleo – Diet Tip of the Day – Green Smoothies
Nov 28, 2010 — Adam takes a look at Green Smoothies and shows how to make a basic one.
9. Need added protein for Smoothies . . . –
5 posts – 4 authors – May 5
I’m presently trying the auto-immune protocol, dairy-free, nut free paleo diet. I vitamix asmoothie with 1 can coconut milk, 6oz spinach (cooked …
10. Paleo Smoothies –
8 posts – 7 authors – May 23
Does anyone have any paleo friendly smoothie recipes (particularly breakfast) they would … I didn’t think cow’s milk was on the paleo diet?

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