FREE Recipes – The 5-7-15 Paleo Diet Cook Book

If your goal is to lose some unwanted fat and get healthier by cutting out processed foods, the PALEO DIET is for you. Unlike many other diet programs that seem temporary or have a bunch of shakes and bars to get you by, the paleo diet is a long term solution because it is sustainable.

Nurse Practitioner and Weight Loss Expert Carissa Alinat stopped by Critical Bench to speak with Coach Chris Wilson and she explained what eating like a caveman means…

Temporary diets help with 10-20 lb weight loss goals and then you go back to eating like you once did, gain all of the weight back and the cycle repeats itself. To optimize your health and really get into the best shape of your life, your best bet is to eat paleo 80-90% of the time, have your cheat meals (or cheat days every 7 days) and stick to the paleo guidelines for the rest of your life. Consistency with that will absolutely lead to improved health, energy and weight loss.

With Paleo you CAN eat foods like: fish & seafood, roots, leafy and salad vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, eggs, grass fed beef & poultry and healthy oils.

It’s loaded with stuff you like while cutting out the artificial and overly processed crap we load up with….most breads, crackers, chips, sweets, cold & hot cereals and so on.

Inside the FREE 5-7-15 PALEO Diet cook book you will learn a lot more about this lifestyle change and how to get started.

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