Here’s my favorite (and easy) paleo protein pancakes (and also protein pancakes) recipe! This is also one of the healthy breakfast recipes with eggs! Please try it and enjoy! 🙂 And comment below with your thoughts! 🙂

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(00:00) Intro

(00:22) How to Make Paleo Pancakes / Protein Pancakes

(00:52) Prepare Your Ingredients
All right guys, here’s what we need to have in order to make paleo pancakes. First of all, we need a pan. We need some cooking spray. We need one banana. We need two eggs. I use Stevia to sweeten it, but you can use whatever you would like. We need some protein. This is vanilla protein, Plexus Lean Vanilla Protein, which I love. Absolutely love. A little bit of honey. And we have some cinnamon, and I like to top it with a little fruit. I have some frozen fruit that I took out to thaw, so by the time we go to put it on, it should be nice and yummy.

(01:38) Combine Your Ingredients
What we do is we take a bowl and we take the banana. And I like to start with a ripe banana because it’s easier to mash up. So what we do is we peel the banana, and I start by just tearing it up in chunks into the bowl. You start and we go ahead and we mash up the bananas, which is so easy because it was ripe. All right. So it’s good and mushed up as much as it can be. And you take the two eggs and put them in the bowl, and then you stir it all in and make it nice and smooth. It’s not going to look pretty to start out, but it’s going to taste yummy when you’re done. And then I will take my Stevia. I’ll put my Stevia packet in there. Not the whole packet, just the Stevia and stir that in. I’ll put in a little cinnamon. Stir that in. And I take a scoop of my vanilla protein and put that in here. That’ll add, obviously, a little bit of flavor, vanilla flavor. And I’ll add nice healthy protein.

(03:19) Pour Into the Pan and Cook
And so now what we’re going to do is we are going to spray the pan. I would get the size two just so nothing sticks. So you want to keep it on a low heat, and then you just pour this in. You get it all out. I’ll take a spatula, get all the rest out. Oh, that’s so good. So just let it sit for a good 10 minutes or so. And we’ll be back. All right. Looks like we’re almost done. It looks like it’s to a place where it’s mostly I can touch it and it’s bouncy. That means it’s good. I’m going to be good to cut through it. So what I want to do is I’m just going to cut it into fours with my spatula. Try to get it equal. It’s like cutting a cake. Well, hopefully you’d cut the cake in more than four pieces. And then what we’re going to do is I try to flip it. Sometimes it’s not completely … See, look, I sprayed and so it comes up pretty nicely without sticking. So, I kind of want to go through and just do that under each section. All right. So, I’m going to turn the heat off. Got some nice four pieces of paleo pancake. Now, I’m going to dish it up.

(05:02) Dish Up and Top with Cinnamon, Honey, Fruit
So now we got our paleo pancakes plated. And I’m going to actually add a little bit more cinnamon. I’m going to do a tablespoon of honey. So, I’m just going to drizzle the honey on top. Try to spread it out. Now, I’m going to top it with the fruit and we’re good to go. A little bit of fruit. There you go. Look at that. Paleo protein pancakes, vanilla paleo protein pancakes.

(05:51) Eat and Enjoy!

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