How To Gain Muscle On The Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is a diet that recommends that you take plenty of oils and fats. Although, the diet recommends that you take fats, did you know that you can gain muscle on it? Here is a guide on how to do it:

Guide On How To Gain Muscle On Paleo Diet

You should start by stimulating your muscles. Here you should engage your muscles by doing a wide range of exercises such as deadlifts, squats, and bench presses. For ideal results you should train often.

After stimulating your muscles, you should now consume plenty of proteins. All you need to do is to take as much meat as you can. For ideal results you should take one to two grams of protein for every pound of body weight that you have. Always remember that the more protein you consume the more muscle you gain.

Oils are highly recommended in the Paleo diet. As a body builder, you should take plenty of fish oil supplements in order to improve recovery and increase calories in your body. Fish oil aids in reducing muscle soreness thus greatly improving recovery from training.

For you to be able to easily consume large doses of fish oil you should consider taking liquid fish oil. You should consume one tablespoon after breakfast and another after dinner. Doing this you will get 30 grams of fish oil every day. If you travel a lot, you should consider taking fish oil capsules.

To avoid getting hungry and build your muscles faster you should eat plenty of high calorie snacks. The best way of going about it is taking dried fruits and nuts. To get more calories you should put the dried fruits and nuts in a jar and then pour coconut oil over them. It’s also recommended that you take high calorie foods such as yams, sweet potatoes, and potatoes.

Sleep is very important and you should aim at getting plenty of it. Sleep helps your body to recover from the exercises. As rule of thumb you should sleep at least eight hours a day. Experts recommend that you also take a 20-45 minute nap immediately after taking your post-workout meal.


Here is a guide on how to gain muscle on Paleo diet. To enjoy your muscle-building journey you need to avoid pushing yourself too hard. All you need to do is to ensure that you are consistent in your efforts.

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