In this short video, I’m gonna share the list of the best zero carb foods that you can eat on a low carb keto diet. That’s the simple zero carb food list that you should follow.

You can download my ZERO Carb and Low Carb Foods List by clicking on the link below:

I will split them into 2 groups:
Zero Carb Foods, that will be foods with 1 or fewer grams of carbs per 100g of the food;

And other foods that are also keto foods, that have up to 5g of carbs per 100g.

The difference between carbs and net carbs is that in the UK, we use the term carbs, and it already has fibre and sugar alcohols subtracted.

In the US, you count your net carbs a day, and you have to subtract the fiber and sugar alcohols to get your net carbs.

In this video, I use the term – carbs per 100g of food.

Remember, on a low carb keto diet, fewer carbs do not necessarily mean better, or healthier, because most vegetables will have some carbs in them, and you could just remove all of them to keep your daily carb intake low.

Why would you consume Food with No Carbs and No Sugar?
For improving your health.

Who should follow this Low carb keto zero to low carb food list?
People who want to get into ketosis, improve their health, and lose excess weight.

If you’re new to my channel, my name is Greta and I’m an online nutritionist and a health coach who supports the clean low carb keto diet. I’m the founder of Advanced Nutrition and Health.
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You can download my ZERO Carb and Low Carb Foods List by clicking on the link below:

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So, I just provided you with a list of around 65 ZERO carb or very low carb keto foods. And as you see, I didn’t include any junk food. Only clean healthy keto foods.

Follow this list and you’ll have no struggles with reaching ketosis!

I hope you found this video useful.
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So, thanks so much for watching and I hope to see you in the next video.
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