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I have found when going keto, there are a lot of foods and drinks that we are able to cut down on or give up entirely, and few of them seem to be a big issue in my experience. People typically see and feel physically and mental results, and that strengthens their resolve to keep going and keep avoiding the things that we shouldn’t be consuming; the carbs, the processed foods, sugars, bad oils, and a host of others that can derail you out of ketosis very quickly. However, the two that I seem to be asked about most frequently are coffee and sweeteners. That’s right, people take their morning brews very seriously. This video is going to address that dreaded concern over our precious cup of java first thing in the morning, and let me just cut the suspense: coffee is perfectly fine — done correctly. That is to say, black coffee, fine. Coffee with healthy fats in the form of MCT, butter, heavy cream, and milk — even better. Any of the above with sweeteners? Not ideal but still ok. Just as long as you eat the RIGHT ones. That can’t be stressed enough. But fear not, coffee is a friend to us keto lovers, and it is also beneficial part of the keto “diet”, and we don’t have to give up our morning boost, thank goodness, we just need to tweak it slightly, but trust me, it’ll taste better for it. In this video I’m simply going to talk a little about different kinds of keto-friendly options you might enjoy, like bulletproof coffee, and lots of variations and alternatives that will benefit your ketogenic lifestyle.
I’ve said it a thousand times, but facts are facts, and when you decide to go keto you do need to avoid associating keto with making sacrifices and with giving up the things you love. Why? Because there are alternatives that taste just as good if not better, and as your health improves, your tastebuds and body notice the difference, so there is no sacrifice. Keto isn’t a “diet” in the worst sense of the word, it’s a lifestyle. This is how our ancestors ate and this way of life is fully backed by science and results, to which so many of us can attest.
This video is really aimed at those who are new to keto, but I think it’s good for all of us to be reminded, no matter how long we’ve been living the keto life. So sit back and I hope that you enjoy this little look at what kind of coffees you should and shouldn’t drink, and I encourage you to share your own favorite keto coffee ideas and recipes in the comments.
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