If you could dream any dream you wanted to dream which dream would you dream? What if this dream didn’t matter because matter can’t matter unless it matters to you? Rhetoric is only rhetoric if one does not fully understand rhetoric. So, back to the dream, we want to dream. What is this dream? Did you notice the sequence of words in the prior sentences? 5-4-3-2-1. When we are dreaming our minds enter a state of delta brain waves. The delta brain wave is most often found in infants and young children. This accounts for the dreams they experience while awake. When did we as adults stop dreaming our dreams? You’re dreaming that dream right now and the best part is you have full control over it.

Notice how we say phrases like “living the dream” or “keep dreaming”. This means for a fact that dreams are capable to be dreamed while you are alive. In fact, it is necessary for you to dream while you are awake in order to validate to others that this is normal behavior. When someone is thinking about doing something that takes a large amount of conscious energy we often don’t believe it is possible. It’s not crazy to think that you can write a book that changes the world. It’s not crazy to become that person you dream of being. When we stop dreaming, we stop living because life is just a dream being experienced in this physical body. You get some rules for the physical body and one of them happens to be our inability to think thoughts that we have not been taught. Imagine having a dream and someone from a young age telling you not to dream that dream.

One of the most important things to understand is that your life will continue after you read these words and watch this video. What you choose to do after you read these words and watch this video is entirely up to you.

All I can do is provide you with an education I did not have when I needed one. These are some of the books that I have used and over the years I started to understand how to compartmentalize these books. The videos you are going to watch are designed to help you know from ground zero. I had no idea what BDNF, Neurogenesis, or Neuroplasticity was. I literally had no idea how to do anything but everything wrong.

You will learn that the right words that you to the right place and the wrong words take you to the wrong place. You must ask yourself which place you want to be when you are 60 years old. What happens when we are older and less relevant because the world decided to continue moving forward without us? This is the most important part to remember. We are getting older and each day we become less relevant to the world.

This relevancy is something we all value. It’s relevant to be healthy and when you are unhealthy, suffering may occur.

All I want you to understand if you have read this far is that a movement has began. Something that was once nothing is now something to someone somewhere doing something.

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