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A local builder who embarked upon a keto diet with his wife last month has been formally questioned over the empty McDonalds bags found under the passenger seat of his work ute.

For reasons undisclosed to this masthead, Betoota Heights man Chris Pooley is on a carbohydrate-restrictive diet.

What the 34-tear-old has been able to say is that his wife of six years, Gilberta, decided to go on the diet and decided Chris needed to lose weight, too.

Speaking to The Advocate today, Chris said that he agreed that he needed to lose weight but going on a dramatic crash diet was not going to be the solution for him.

“Yeah so I’ve been sticking to the diet, somewhat,” he said.

“Obviously, that’s no beer or bread. Which is what I’ve been doing. I haven’t given up the vape, though. If you can keep that between us, that’d be great. Giving up nicotine now would put me in the post office with a rifle, I’d say,”

“There’s been a few slip ups but the weight’s been coming off. It is what it is, mate.”

However, the incident in question stems from Gilberta finding an empty Maccas bag in his work ute.

She told this masthead that she feared the worst.

“There’s having a piece of ryebread accidentally, which I may or may not have done last week at brunch,” Gilberta said.

“But then there’s pumping half a dozen hashbrowns in the way to work.”

Gilberta said she confronted Chris about the McDonalds bag in his ute – his excuse, she says, was all time.

“You know what he told me?” she said.

“He said he just got a coffee and they accidentally gave him someone else’s order. If you’re only ordering a coffee and they give you a paper sack of cholesterol and sodium, you might think something was wrong?”

“So I pushed him on it and he said he only ‘ate the guts’ out of the breakfast burger and chucked the buns out onto Machattie Road. So he’s a liar and a litterer,”

“If I hadn’t slipped up and got a 3-piece feed from KFC the other day when he was working late in Windorah, I’d be off him completely.”

More to come.

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