Dr. Stephanie Estima reveals how keto cycling could benefit your menstrual cycle. She explains what you should be eating during each part of your cycle, and what happens in the menopausal stage of life.

📹 How to practice fasting for women with Dr Mindy Pelz:

Dr Stephanie Estima explains how keto and hormones work for women, whether you are following the keto diet as a cycling woman, or a keto diet for menopause weight loss; you’ll learn whether you are doing keto for women over 40, or weight loss over 50, it can be done by following her step by step guide.

[00:50] About Dr. Stephanie Estima
– Dr. Stephanie started in the keto space interested in the effects the diet can have on the brain and clarity of thought.
– So, Dr. Stephanie tried keto along with her patients. When couples did it together, the male partner would always have significant weight loss. While on the other hand, the female partner would see little weight loss despite eating the same type of diet.
– She realized that keto cycling could be beneficial for your menstrual cycle.

[06:45] What Your Period Says About Your Health
– Dr. Stephanie says that your menstrual cycle is going to tell you about the hormonal status of your body.
– The menstrual cycle is a vital sign for women.
– If you have heavy bleeding, clotting, and sleep disturbances – then those are signs that your body is trying to tell you things are not balanced.

[11:05] About The Betty Body
– Stephanie’s new book is called The Betty Body. Order it here:
– In the book, Stephanie dives into why women should stop dieting and take control of their hormones to feel amazing in their skin.

[15:45] Diving Into The Menstrual Cycle
– Week 1: When we think about the first week of our cycle, it’s the bleed week.
– Most hormones have gone on vacation during this time. FHS is still around (follicle-stimulating hormone).
– The first two weeks of your cycle are all about developing your follicle – you will be more resilient to restrict carbohydrates. It’s a nice week for fasting because we don’t have progesterone.
– Week 2: After the bleed week and into the second week, it’s the week before ovulation.
– Ovulation is the main event – it’s the whole point of your menstrual cycle.
– In this week, we see estrogen. Estrogen is designed for growth because we want to develop the follicle.
– The other hormone that comes up is testosterone. In this week, your interest in sex should go up.
– Week 3: Week three happens after your ovulation.
– Back off aggressive fasting this week.
– Add resistant starches to your diet during this week. Some examples of resistant starches: green bananas, green plantains, raw potatoes, cold rice,
– Week 4: Peak week!
– Relax on keto this week and pump up the calories.
– Get out of ketosis – eat squash, sweet potato, and fruit.

[30:20] The Importance Of Listening To Our Body

[42:15] Tracking Your Cycle
– Dr. Stephanie uses Clue to track her cycle. Check it out here:
– The first thing you should do is get information about where you are in your cycle.

[48:15] What Menopausal Women Need To Know
– Women in their menopausal stage can become more insulin resistant. The cells are not as sensitive to the effects of insulin.
– Plus, muscles will also become resistant. It will actually take more for a muscle to grow when a woman is fifty and beyond.

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