Weeds have a habit of invading lawns and choking out gardens, especially if they’re left to grow wildly out of control. Pulling weeds out individually can be a laborious task that most gardeners hate doing. When tackling weeds, some homeowners revert to using harmful chemicals to get rid of those pesky plants.

However, there are other all-natural ways to repel weeds that are better for the environment.

The gardening experts at Safer® Brand, a leading supplier of organic products for garden pests, diseases and more, have shared three ways weeds can be “repressed” naturally.


The experts said: “Smother your weeds with mulch. Don’t throw away the morning newspaper yet.

“Paper, leaves, straw, or even a black tarp are great materials to use to suffocate your weeds.

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Some of the best mulch for preventing weeds is compost, leaves, sawdust, wood chips, straw and grass clippings.

For mulch to be most effective, it needs to be applied at a depth of between 5cm and 7.5cm.

For areas where mulch hasn’t been applied much, a thicker layer may be needed.

Lawn weeds

The gardening experts said: “Crowd out any unwanted weeds by keeping your soil’s pH level balanced and not mowing your grass too low.

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Corn gluten

The experts said using corn gluten could stop weeds “from ever popping up”.

They said: “This corn byproduct prevents germination of seeds, doesn’t have an effect on already established plants.

“Corn gluten also provides a healthy dose of nitrogen, which is a nutrient plants need to grow.”

Corn gluten is particularly effective for controlling weeds on lawns.

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