Every time a new diet is introduced in the market, many of you start following it blindly without doing any research. In recent times Keto Diets have been propagated by many well-known personalities, and the general public started following them blindly.

The Keto Diet is basically a diet high in fat and low in carbohydrates that causes the body to break down fat into molecules called ketones. These ketones circulate in the blood and become the main source of energy for many cells in the body.

Starting a keto diet is easy, but maintaining it is a very difficult task as you have to give up your favorite food, ice cream, or even your favorite wine. While following the keto diet, if you eat anything containing carbohydrates, your body will go back to its older ways of deriving energy from carbs.

The Keto diet comes with various side effects also as the body undergoes a lot of change internally. These side effects, also known as keto flu, include constipation, headache, muscle cramp, and fatigue, to name a few.

Many supplements claim to promote a ketogenic lifestyle without the keto diet. These supplements help in elevating ketone levels. These supplements ensure that you will no longer be restricted from binging on your favorite food and drinks.

Most of these supplements use less powerful MCTs and lure naive customers to buy their products. Moreover, they have such a strong taste and smell that it becomes unbearable to use them with other drinks like coffee or tea.

Keto Elevate is a supplement that has no overbearing smell and has used premium MCT also known as C8, to give maximum benefits to its users.

In this Keto Elevate Review, you will understand how this product is different from its competitors and what makes it more effective in increasing the number of ketones in your body.

NameBioTrust Keto Elevate
OverviewThis supplement helps in improving energy levels by boosting metabolism.
  • Caprylic Acid
  • Resistant Dextrin
  • Sodium Caseinate
  • Sea Salt
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Benefits
  • Heightened Energy Levels
  • Reduced Cravings And Appetite
  • Graceful Aging
  • Supports Healthy Metabolism And Weight Loss
  • Increased Mental Clarity And Focus
  • Heightened Physical Performance And Recovery
  • Helps Improve Gut Health
  • Features
  • Made in the USA
  • Uses research-backed ingredients
  • Safe to consume
  • No gluten
  • Vegan-friendly
  • No GMO
  • Antibiotic-free
  • Soy free
  • Money-Back Guarantee60-day money-back guarantee
    Side EffectsNo side effects reported by the users so far
  • 1 Bag: $24
  • 3 Bag:$57
  • 6 Bag:$84
  • Customer ReviewsUsers are highly satisfied by the product
    AvailabilityOnly available on the official website

    What Is BioTrust Keto Elevate?

    BioTrust Keto Elevate is a supplement that provides an alternative way of living a ketogenic lifestyle without following the rigid diet protocol of the keto diet. This supplement helps in elevating ketone levels with the help of caprylic acid.

    Caprylic acid, also known as C8, is the main component of Keto Elevate C8 MCT. Research indicates that it is 3x better than coconut oil in elevating ketone levels in the body. It also saves you from the side effects of the Keto diet, also known as keto flu.

    Keto Elevate Pure C8 MCT oil powder is better than keto coffee creamer as it does not have a pungy taste. Keto coffee creamer has a lot of junk to increase the fat content in it, whereas Keto Elevate goes perfectly with coffee.

    MCT Oil powder helps a person enter Ketosis faster while on a low-carb diet. It helps to alleviate your overall body condition by boosting your metabolism and increasing the energy levels in the body.

    Moving further down in this Keto Elevate Review, we will see who are the makers behind BioTrust Keto Elevate Formula and what is their vision and mission.

    Who Are The Makers Of BioTrust Keto Elevate Formula?

    The reason behind the tremendous success of Keto Elevate is the company behind it. Keto Elevate is manufactured by BioTrust, which is America’s premium nutrition brand. They have been in the nutrition business for years and have sold more than 15 million products.

    Keto Elevate Formula uses C8 as one of its ingredients to elevate ketone levels in the body. C8 MCT Oil Powder has an advantage over keto coffee creamer as it comes in hazelnut flavor or is unflavoured. Keto coffee creamer has fat that is not easy to break, which results in bloating.

    How Much Does BioTrust Keto Elevate Work? Scientific Evidence Behind It

    Keto Elevate has been formulated after extensive research. It has been formed using caprylic acid as one of its star ingredients. In a study, it was found that caprylic acid has properties that can increase ketone production in the body.

    When you are following the keto diet, you have to go through extreme carbohydrate restrictions. Carbohydrate restriction means you can not eat anything that has carbohydrates in it like rice, pizza, pasta, some fruits, or even beer and cocktails.

    Keto Elevate works without the need for carbohydrate restriction, and your body will be able to burn ketones without you sacrificing your food lifestyle.

    MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides are a super nutritious form of dietary fat. They have high ‘ketogenesis,’ which means that your body will be able to quickly convert them into ketones. In a study, it was found that medium Chain Triglycerides can improve ketosis time.

    While searching for MCT Oils that have 100% C8 with no added junk, the makers of Keto Elevate were thoroughly disappointed. MCT Oils have an overpowering taste, and most of them are manufactured with less powerful MCT( C10 and C12).

    To overcome the problems of MCT Oils, many companies came up with MCT Oil Powder. MCT Oil Powder may contain soy, corn, or other wheat-based fillers. Moreover, MCT Oil Powder is infamous for being hard to mix, and it might leave lumps that make it difficult to drink.

    What Are The Benefits Of BioTrust Keto Elevate Formula?

    BioTrust Keto Elevate formula has been made after extensive research. The makers have specifically used C8, the most powerful MCT that can elevate ketone levels and, in turn, support your energy and metabolism.

    Keto Elevate C8 MCT Oil Powder helps to enhance your energy levels. It has 100% C8, and that’s what makes it 3 times better than coconut oil. BioTrust Keto Elevate is a ketogenic diet supplement that tries to give you the benefit of a keto diet without keto flu.

    By using 100% C8 MCTs found in Keto Elevate, you can elevate your body’s ketone levels and get the benefits mentioned below:

    Heightened Energy Levels

    BioTrust Keto Elevate Ketogenic Diet Supplement is a dietary supplement that uses 100% C8 ( caprylic acid). Caprylic acid is often referred to as the most ketogenic MCT oil powder due to its rapid breakdown from an 8-carbon fatty acid to ketone bodies.

    Caprylic acid is the shortest of all MCTs, making it the easiest for the body to break down into fuel. Once it is consumed, it is digested and converted into ketones rapidly. It helps in boosting your metabolism and aids in weight loss.

    Reduced Cravings and Appetite

    BioTrust Keto Elevate ketogenic Diet Supplement uses caprylic acid to boost energy. Caprylic acid also acts as an appetite suppressant as it attaches itself to ghrelin peptides which are responsible for making us feel hungry.

    This dietary supplement has 100% C8 MCT which has been proven to increase the fat-burning mechanism in your body. It can help you in weight loss if you take it daily as per the recommended dosage.

    Keto Elevate C8 MCT Oil Powder comes with hazelnut flavor or unflavored to enhance the taste of whatever it is being added to. This powder also overcomes the shortcoming associated with MCT Oils.

    Most MCT Oils use Waterdown MCT combinations, and they are difficult to carry. They may spill on your clothes in the suitcase and cause a mini-disaster.

    Graceful Aging

    The presence of caprylic acid in Keto Elevate Ketogenic Diet Supplement, ensures that not only does your body burn fat effectively, but it also enhances your skin health. Caprylic acid is antioxidant and anti-bacterial in nature which makes your skin smooth and supple.

    Keto Elevate dietary supplement has 100% C8 that helps in weight loss by boosting your metabolism. It also helps in enhancing your skin health by increasing the nutrient-absorbing capacity of the body.

    Keto Elevate C8 MCT Oil Powder supplies your body with caprylic acid that helps to increase ketone bodies. This leads to an increase in the ketone levels in your body which ensures that you age gracefully.

    Supports Healthy Metabolism and Weight Loss

    Keto Elevate Ketogenic Diet Supplement helps to increase your energy levels by boosting your metabolism. It enhances the fat-burning mechanism that can boost energy levels and gives you enough energy to last all day.

    Keto Elevate C8 MCT Oil Powder is a dietary supplement that gives all the benefits of the keto diet without a rigid diet protocol. If you are looking for an energy boost, then you can try this supplement. It will provide you with a much-needed energy boost along with enhanced mental clarity.

    Increased Mental Clarity and Focus

    Even though the Keto diet does provide some benefits, the mental fortitude that requires following such a diet and the side effects associated with the Keto diet make it less appealing when compared to Keto Elevate.

    Keto Diet has several side effects like brain fog, constipation, fatigue, headache, and many more. That’s why BioTrust came up with Keto Elevate, which is specifically formulated to support ketone production.

    This dietary supplement helps to eliminate brain fog and increases your mental clarity and focus. With enhanced mental clarity, you will be able to do your work more effectively and efficiently.

    Keto Elevate prevents brain fog and clouding by ensuring that enough energy is reaching your brain. It does so by increasing the ketone levels in your body, which in turn boosts energy and gives you mental clarity and focus.

    Heightened Physical Performance and Recovery

    Keto Elevate Ketogenic Diet Supplement uses 100% C8, the most ketogenic MCT in its purest form. C8 helps to boost energy levels which makes your recovery faster. It also provides other benefits like enhanced mental clarity, reduction in brain fog, and many more.

    C8 is the most metabolically active medium chain fatty acid that can be easily converted into ketones by your body. It has been proven in studies to boost energy levels, jump-start ketone production, and enhance weight loss.

    Helps Improve Gut Health

    If you are following a keto diet, then you might have to abstain from eating dairy products, products rich in carbohydrates like pasta bread, etc. By following the keto diet, your gut health may decline as you will not be getting the supply of good bacteria from curd.

    Keto Elevate Ketogenic Diet Supplement is made of C8 that has antibacterial properties. It helps to promote gut health ketones which can fight harmful bacteria and toxins in the gut.

    Apart from enhancing your gut health, C8 also provides numerous health benefits like enhanced mental clarity and energy levels, improved recovery, and many more.

    What Is The Main Ingredient in BioTrust Keto Elevate?

    Most ketogenic MCT Oil Powders use C10 or C12, which may not provide you the fast benefits that you desire. Ketogenic MCT Oil Powder may combine C8 and C10 or C10, C12, and C8, which are not as effective in increasing ketone levels as C8 MCT oil powder.

    Some Ketogenic MCT Oil Powders have poor mixability and are hard to digest. They may also have an overpowering smell making it difficult for the user to drink them.

    BioTrust Keto Elevate has 100% C8, which supports ketone production, which in turn may support increased energy, enhanced focus, and more. It also helps you to stay in “ketosis,” a state of elevated ketone levels, without undergoing rigid diet plans.

    Caprylic Acid or Pure C8 MCT Oil Powder

    Pure C8 MCT Oil Powder has 100% caprylic acid as one of its constituents. C8 powerfully supports elevated levels of ketones and the benefits that come with it. Pure C8 MCT Oil Powder helps to improve ketone production in the body, which can provide you multiple health benefits.

    Most MCT Oil Powders claim to increase your ketone levels, but they use C10 and C12, which are not as effective as C8. To improve your ketone levels, you have to use Pure C8 MCT Oil Powder, which will enhance your mental clarity along with peak energy levels.

    Some MCT Oil Powders may contain hormones or GMOs to increase ketone production in your body. Before buying any supplement, you have to see what ingredients they are using and how they are ensuring the quality of their ingredients.

    Pure C8 MCT Oil Powder supports ketone production in your body without you following a strict dieting routine.


    What Are The Other Ingredients in BioTrust Keto Elevate?

    BioTrust Keto Elevate helps to support ketone production by using C8. C8 or caprylic acid helps in losing weight by enhancing metabolism. Pure C8 MCT Oil Powder helps in rapid weight loss. It does so by boosting your body’s fat-burning mechanism.

    Keto Elevate does not contain any wheat-based ingredients that may potentially raise insulin levels and kick you out of ketosis. All the ingredients used in the formulation of Keto Elevate can provide support for enhanced energy levels, focus, and mental strength.

    Resistant Dextrin

    Resistant Dextrin is a soluble fiber that is used in many MCT supplements. It can support enhanced energy levels and can ameliorate ketone levels in your body. It can also stimulate the body to increase ketone production, which in turn will help you lose weight effectively.

    Resistant Dextrin acts as an appetite suppressant and makes you feel full sooner. It helps the body burn fat faster which increases the ketone production in the body, which in turn leads to higher ketone levels.

    Sodium Caseinate

    Sodium Caseinate is a compound derived from casein, a protein present in the milk of mammals. It can be used to improve the texture and stability of various weight loss supplements.

    Sodium Caseinate has casein which is one of the best proteins. It helps you to lose weight by increasing ketone production. It also supports elevated ketone levels by burning fat in your body.

    Sea Salt

    Sea salt contains various minerals like potassium, calcium, and iron. Less processed Sea Salt helps you in losing weight. Some salts have low water retention capacity, and they help in rapid weight loss.

    Silicon Dioxide

    Silicon Dioxide is made from silicon and Oxygen. It is used in various supplements to enhance their mixability with liquids. Silicon Dioxide in Keto Elevate does not let any lumps form in your drinks.

    What Makes BioTrust Keto Elevate Differently?

    BioTrust Keto Elevate uses a pure form of C8 to give you maximum benefits. It does not mix C10 with C8, nor does it mix C10, C12, and C8 together. It simply serves you what is best, and that is C8 which helps to increase energy level and enhance mental focus and clarity.

    100% Pure C8 MCT Oil Powder

    Pure C8 MCT Oil Powder has the purest and most powerful medium chain triglycerides. It does not use C10 or (capric acid) and C12( lauric acid) as they might not be as effective as C8 in burning fat.

    Contains No Artificial Sweeteners

    Most dietary supplements use artificial sweeteners to enhance the flavor of their products. Keto Elevate does not use artificial sweeteners and comes in delicious hazelnut flavor or unflavored to give you major benefits without compromising your health.

    Artificial sweeteners can cause various side effects like an increase in sugar levels, a spike in insulin levels, headache, weight gain, and many more. That is why it is advisable to choose those supplements that do not have any artificial sweeteners in them.

    Comes In Easy-To-Mix Powder Form

    Keto Elevate comes in powder form to help you overcome the problems associated with MCT Oil spill. The powder form of MCT is easy to carry and can be mixed with protein shakes or morning coffee.

    Those who do not like to take weight loss pills can easily take Keto Elevate in convenient powder form. Powder form makes it easy to carry when you travel, and the presence of silicon dioxide makes it easy for the supplement to mix with your protein shakes or any other drinks.

    Can Be Used With Protein Shakes

    Keto Elevate comes in a convenient powder form and has just 1 gm of net carbs per serving. The major benefit of Keto Elevate is that it can be mixed with protein shakes as it does not have any overpowering smell. It may enhance the flavor of your protein shakes

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    Can Be Used With Morning Coffee

    Many people have tried Keto Elevate with their morning coffee and they have absolutely loved it. Keto Elevate improves the taste of your morning coffee without all the junk found in keto coffee creamer.

    Morning coffee can boost your metabolism and enhance the fat-burning mechanism of your body.

    Helps Prevent Keto Bad Breath

    One of the most infamous side effects of the Keto Diet is bad keto breath. When you follow a keto diet, your daily intake of good bacteria decreases, which in turn lowers your gut health.

    When you take Keto Elevate, it will fight off harmful bacteria in your body as it has C8, which is antibacterial in nature.

    Is More Effective Than Coconut Oil Supplements

    Coconut Oil can also elevate ketone levels in your body, but it is not that efficient when compared to Keto Elevate. Only 7% of fat in coconut oil is C8 which means you need 7-8 tablespoons of coconut oil to get the same amount of C8 MCTs in one scoop of Keto Elevate.


    What Is Keto Diet? What Is Ketosis?

    The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet that has been used to treat epilepsy in children since the 1920s. The keto diet can be very effective for seizure control, and it’s also great at helping with weight loss. But what if you don’t have epilepsy? Can you still benefit from this type of diet?

    Ketosis occurs when your body starts burning fats instead of carbs as its primary source of energy. This process is called “ketogenesis,” and it happens naturally during periods of fasting. However, most people who try intermittent fasting (IF) do so because they want to achieve ketosis.

    When you eat less than 50 grams of carbohydrates per day, your liver will start producing glucose through gluconeogenesis. Glucose is the main fuel source for our brain and muscles. In order to produce enough glucose, your liver will break down proteins into amino acids and then use those amino acids to make glucose.

    This process is known as gluconeogenesis. It takes place in the liver and kidneys. Your liver produces glucose by breaking down glycogen stored in your liver and muscle cells. Glycogen is made up of glucose molecules bound together. Once your liver makes enough glucose, it sends it to your bloodstream, where it gets distributed throughout your body.

    In addition to providing your body with energy, glucose plays an important role in maintaining normal cell function. For example, glucose helps regulate the pH balance inside our bodies. If we didn’t have glucose available, our bodies would try to maintain their internal environment using other sources like fatty acids.

    However, there are some conditions that may prevent your body from entering ketosis. These include:-

    • Type 1 diabetes
    • Hypoglycemia
    • Liver disease, etc.

    How Does The Ketogenic Diet Work?

    When you eat foods high in carbohydrates, your liver converts them into sugar (glucose) before releasing them into your bloodstream. Glucose provides your cells with the fuel they need to function normally—but if this glucose isn’t used up by your cells, it will pass through your digestive tract as waste. When your body doesn’t use all the glucose, the rest becomes stored as fat. On the keto diet, you eat a very low-carbohydrate diet that forces your body to burn fat instead of sugar. You turn off your body’s ability to make glucose by consuming very few carbs. Instead, you get most of your calories from healthy fats.

    To start the ketogenic diet, first, calculate how much food you should be eating using the meal plan below. Remember to divide your macronutrient intake equally among protein, fat, and carbohydrate each day. For example, if you want to eat 2000 total calories per day, then you would split those calories evenly between 200 grams of carbohydrates, 100 grams of protein, and 300 grams of fat.

    Once you have calculated your macros, write down what you plan to eat and drink each day. If you don’t currently weigh yourself, do so now. Then continue calculating your daily calorie goal based on your new starting weight.

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    Keto Diet Benefits

    If you’re looking to lose weight or improve your health, the ketogenic diet could be right for you. Here’s why:

    1. Weight Loss

    One of the biggest benefits of the ketogenic diet is how quickly you’ll see results. Because your body enters ketosis within two days, you’ll begin losing weight almost immediately. Studies show that overweight adults typically experience a loss of about 2 pounds after following the ketogenic diet for three months.

    If you’re looking for a way to lose weight quickly, the ketogenic diet might be right for you. As mentioned earlier, this kind of restricted diet causes the body to enter a state known as ketosis. When you’re in nutritional ketosis, the body uses fatty acids rather than sugars for energy, resulting in weight loss. However, keep in mind that just because you’re entering ketosis doesn’t mean you’ll automatically drop significant amounts of weight. In fact, some research suggests that people on a ketogenic diet actually gain weight over time, especially when they first begin the diet.

    One reason for this could be that when we eat too many carbohydrates, insulin levels rise. Insulin is a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar levels by moving glucose out of our blood and storing it inside muscle or adipose tissue. It also increases the rate at which we absorb nutrients like vitamins and minerals from the food we eat. When insulin levels are high, it can lead to excessive storage of fat around the belly area.

    The ketogenic diet has been studied thoroughly since the 1920s. One of the earliest scientific articles describing the effects was written in 1925. Since then, many studies have proven its efficacy, including studies sponsored by the National Institutes of Health.

    In addition to being able to burn fat, the ketogenic diet also reduces hunger pangs, cravings, and overall appetite – making it easy to stick to a diet that is both nutritious and effective.

    2. Heart Health

    A ketogenic diet improves heart health in several ways. First, it reduces bad cholesterol levels, which lowers your risk of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and heart attack. Second, it increases good cholesterol levels, which protects against atherosclerosis. Third, it reduces blood pressure and insulin resistance, both of which lower your risk of developing heart problems.

    The ketogenic diet has been shown to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides. A study conducted at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine found that patients suffering from type 2 diabetes who followed the keto diet had lower levels of triglycerides and increased insulin sensitivity compared to when they were following a traditional diabetic diet.

    3. Brain Health

    A ketogenic diet can help to protect your brain from age-related cognitive decline. Research shows that eating a ketogenic diet can reduce the amount of plaque buildup in your brain, which can slow memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.

    In addition to being able to lose weight on the keto diet, people who follow the keto lifestyle also report having fewer brain fog episodes than when following other diets. In fact, some research suggests that the keto diet can actually reverse cognitive decline in older adults.

    One study found that after just three months on the keto diet for patients with Alzheimer’s disease, their memory improved significantly. Another study found that after 12 weeks on the keto diet that participants had better scores on tests measuring attention and working memory compared to baseline.

    4. Cancer Prevention

    Eating a ketogenic diet may also help to fight cancer. One study found that mice on a ketogenic diet had fewer colon tumors than mice on a regular diet. Another study showed that patients with advanced prostate cancer experienced reduced tumor growth while on a ketogenic diet.

    5. Anti-Inflammatory Effects

    Another potential benefit of the ketogenic diet comes from its anti-inflammatory effects. A number of studies suggest that inflammation contributes to many chronic illnesses, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and even certain types of cancer.

    6. Improved Athletic Performance

    The ketogenic diet has been shown to increase athletic performance in athletes who follow it long-term. This effect is likely due to increased fat burning during exercise.

    8. May Help To Treat Epilepsy

    The ketogenic diet may help to treat certain types of epilepsy in children. An article published in January 2017 in the journal Pediatrics suggested the diet may be useful to treat Dravet syndrome, a rare form of severe epilepsy; however, more studies are needed.

    Many individuals with epilepsy have tried the ketogenic diet, which consists of a very low amount of carbohydrates and an adequate amount of proteins and fats. Those who successfully achieve ketosis suggest that the diet may improve epileptic seizures, although there is no clinical evidence supporting this statement.

    7. Other Health Benefits

    Beyond these seven benefits, there are many others associated with the ketogenic diet. Some of these include:

    • Better sleep quality
    • Reduced stress
    • Fewer mood swings
    • More energy
    • Increased focus and concentration
    • Lower risk of seizures
    • Better immune system
    • Higher life expectancy

    How To Use BioTrust Keto Elevate? Is Keto Elevate Safe?

    The market is filled with Keto supplements that claim to support elevated ketone levels. Most of these supplements taste like keto coffee creamer and also use C12(lauric acid) and C10( capric acid) instead of C8.

    You can get the benefits of the keto diet without suffering from the poor taste of keto coffee creamer by simply mixing Keto Elevate with your morning drink.

    Keto Elevate uses high-grade pure ingredients to give you maximum benefits. If you are pregnant or nursing, then you should not take the product. If you are already taking some prescription medication, then you should consult your physician before taking this supplement.

    After taking this supplement, if you face any discomfort, then discontinue use immediately and consult your nearest physician.

    How Much Does BioTrust Keto Elevate Cost?

    One bag of BioTrust Keto Elevate will cost you $24. For any health supplement to work, you have to use it for a longer duration of time. Keto Elevate also comes in the pack of 3 bags, where you have to pay $57. It is the most popular pack of Keto Elevate.

    If you want to save big and get more benefits, then you can buy the pack of 6, which will cost you $84. All these packs come with 3 free gifts.


    Is There A Money-Back Guarantee?

    Keto Elevate has been formulated after extensive research. It has ingredients that are pure and of high quality. If, for some reason, the product does not work on an individual, then it is not the fault of the company, nor is it the fault of the user.

    It is a well-known fact that your bodies react differently to different stimuli. So if the product is not working on someone, chances are that the ingredients of the product are not compatible with his body.

    To ensure that the customer is not at a loss, Keto Elevate work gives a 60-day money-back guarantee.

    If you are not satisfied with the product or if the product is not working as per your expectations, then you can simply return even the empty packets, and the company will give you a refund.

    The company lives in 100% customer satisfaction. All you have to do is to return the product within 60 days.

    Customer Reviews

    In this digitized world where few comments can make or break a product’s reputation. Customer reviews are of utmost importance as they can increase the sale of a product or they can decrease it too.

    While going through the customer reviews of Keto Elevate, we observed that many people have claimed that they have lost weight within a few weeks of using the product.

    Some of the customer reviews of the Keto Elevate are “What I love about Keto Elevate is that it actually makes my coffee taste better. I just noticed an enhanced coffee flavor. I tried MCT oils and coconut oil before, but the taste was overpowering. Great job!”

    Another customer has this to say about the product “It’s impressive that BioTRUST uses the C8 form in Keto Elevate. It’s better than C10 or C12 by a landslide. Kudos for creating a product that doesn’t cut corners and uses the best ingredients.”

    Most of the customers are highly satisfied with the product.

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    What Are The Bonus Products Offered With BioTrust Keto Elevate?

    Keto Elevate is offering some bonuses with each pack of its product. These bonuses are for only a limited time and can be availed right now by making a purchase through the official website.

    The first bonus is that you will be getting free shipping in the USA only for each of the packs. The second bonus includes free VIP live health and fitness coaching for life, and the third bonus is a free new report on the top 14 ketogenic foods.

    Final Verdict

    Keto Elevate is better than so-called ketogenic diets that include low carbohydrate intakes. Your body might not be prepared for such drastic change, and you may face some side effects of the keto diet like headache, brain fog, insomnia, and many more.

    When you buy keto elevate, you can be sure that you don’t have to sacrifice your favorite food or drink. All you have to do is take everything in moderation and see how Keto elevates and supports ketone production in your body.

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