Unlike many competing low-carb or keto flour blends that skip the wheat, Ardent Mill’s new line of white all-purpose and specialized Keto Certified Low Net Carb Flour​ is nut-free, grain-based and contains gluten, which allows customers to use it on their current equipment without any change to produce baked goods that are safe for consumers with nut allergies, Ken Rudd, director of innovation at Ardent Mills told FoodNavigator-USA.

“At Ardent Mills we are all about nutritious grain-based solutions. So, our goal in this was to have a grain-based solution,”​ which is unusual for a Keto Certified flour blend because grains typically are so high in carbs that they are avoided by dieters who severely restrict their net carb intake, Rudd explained.

“But the magic of [our blend], so to speak, is we saved the wheat kernel but extracted out all the highly nutritious portions of that kernel – being the fiber and the protein carbohydrates – and took away the sugar containing carbohydrates,”​ he said, explaining, “All fiber is carbohydrates, but not all carbohydrates are fiber. We really wanted that highly nutritious fiber portion to help give the body some fuel but also allow it to start burning the fat in your bodies”​ as indicated by the keto diet.

The end result is line of flour blends that behave functionally like traditional wheat flour, so it is easier to mass produce products that are keto-compliant, nutritious and safe.

A decade of research reveals competitive edge

Over the decade of trial and error to make the blends, Rudd said Ardent Mills “experimented with cloud breads,”​ which are popular homemade, egg white based bread alternatives, but “found those to be difficult to mass produce.”

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