Kidney beans lima beans lentils and black beans are rich in fibre yet not recommended on keto

Kidney beans, lima beans, lentils and black beans are rich in fibre yet not recommended on keto.

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New Delhi: The ketogenic diet or keto diet is one of the most popular dietary regimes that celebrities and the common folk have turned to for weight loss. In this routine, an individual is required to practice complete abstinence from carbohydrates and get all the calories from fats and proteins. When the body stops getting carbohydrates – its key source of energy, it starts to burn the fat stores in the body to produce energy thereby inducing weight loss. This process is known as ketosis.
When trying to lose weight with the keto diet, the body first loses all the water weight and then starts to use fats for energy. However, sometimes people mistakenly eat some foods in the routine thinking that they are healthy – little do they realise that their incompatibility with the diet could stop the body from going into ketosis. Take a look at 5 such healthy foods that could stop the body from entering ketosis.
  1. Oats: When it comes to weight loss, oats are considered one of the healthiest choices. A rich source of complex carbs, oats take time to break in the bloodstream in the form of glucose thereby curbing hunger pangs. However, despite the same, oats contain carbs that can interfere with ketosis.
  2. Fruits: Unfortunately, the delicious sweet treats that people can enjoy on a regular weight loss diet do not go well with keto. This includes apples, bananas, peaches, pineapples, grapes, and even dates. Only avocados are deemed keto-friendly.
  3. Corn: Despite its high fibre content, corn does not go well with keto diet. Along with this, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and peas are also not allowed in keto.
  4. Beans: Kidney beans, lima beans, lentils, and black beans are rich in fibre yet not recommended on keto. They could stop your body from going into ketosis.
  5. Fruit juices: Much like fruits, juices are also not keto-friendly as they are high in sugar and lack fibre, proteins, and fats.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.

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