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The Viatek Ionic Energiser Dual Array Body Cleanse Foot Spa encourages your body to rebalance its natural bio-energy and equilibrium.

Feel revitalised via soothing foot massage!

A revolutionary foot spa treatment to re-balance and re-energise your bio-energy. During our normal day to day life our bodies are exposed to the many toxins in our environment such as tobacco smoke, alcohol, food additives and pesticides, to heavy metals and industrial pollutants. Our bodies absorb these toxins which may prevent us from functioning at our optimum level of performance.

Our bodies will attempt to detoxify naturally everyday, however due to our lifestyles and our environment our body system is often unable to fully eliminate these toxins. In order for our body to function at its most efficient level and cleanse our systems of these toxins we must rest for 8-10 hours per night, have a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Since this is not always the case with most people, it is not always impossible for our bodies to effectively cleanse itself of these toxins on it’s own which may lead to a build up in our systems.

This build up may mean our bodies are not performing to their best level.

Our body is a very efficient example of engineering which deserves to be cared for in order to achieve its full potential. Now there is a way to assist the natural processes that re-balance our body’s bio-energy – The Viatek Ionic Energiser Foot Spa. The Viatek Ionic Energiser Foot Spa rebalances the body’s natural equilibrium between positive and negative ions.

This re-balancing re-hydrates the body’s cells, optimising their function so that they can dispose of these unwanted toxins efficiently. Imagine all that going one while you enjoy a relaxing, foot spa experience.

This relaxing treatment can help you achieve a renewed vitality and re-balance, together with an overall feeling of well-being.

Note: The dual arrays last up to 30 – 50 individual treatment sessions, depending on the water (i.e. hard or soft) and other factors like residues left on the skin.


Viatek Ionic Energiser Foot Spa.
Soothing foot massage and foot spa.
Lay back and relax while your body is re-energised.
Why do we need to detox?
During our normal day to day life our bodies are exposed to many toxins which affect our health via:
Poor diets, food additive, processed foods, etc.
Lack of fresh fruit and vegetables.
Little or no regular exercise.
Drugs and anesthetics.
Illness and disease.
Industrial pollutants.
Who can benefit from this treatment?
Anyone who wants to relax and feel renewed.
What’s included?
1 x ionic energiser foot bowl.
2 x array coils.
1 x massage bubble foot plate.
1 x spa salt.
1 x blue storage bag.
1 x control unit.
1 x power adaptor.
As you use the Viatek foot spa you will notice the water changing colour. This shows your body experiencing the process of the balancing of negative and positive ions.
IMPORTANT: Do not use the Viatek Ionic Spa if you use a cardiac pacemaker, suffer from any form of epilepsy, are pregnant (unless medically advised), are suffering from an unknown illness, have implants fitted or are under 5 years of age. Magnetic, ionic and detoxifying spas are not recommended to people who have the listed conditions.

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