The word ‘health’ can mean different things to different people but often involves some form of detox to attain it. The ReNew Diet or ReNew Food Plan, as it’s also called, has been devised by a Functional Medicine Practitioner and adopted by the Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) to enable the body to eliminate toxins and repair damage.

The term ReNew Diet paves the way to a therapeutic approach of cleansing your system of all unhealthy things, especially if you want to adapt to a cleaner way of living after suffering from chronic health conditions.

Health enthusiasts need to stick to the rules of this diet for a specific period. The aim is to emphasize the foods that will help to optimise function of your main organs of eliminatio and to prevent the stimulation of your immune system helping to normalize metabolic dysfunction.

The ReNew Diet as a Detox Plan

Are you hooked on fast food, and staying away from even a single meal of a day that is not according to your tastebuds? Feel no shame, for many give in to short-term culinary pleasures, or should I say – instant gratification. Be it an espresso shot in the morning, one seemingly harmless cupcake after every meal, French fries that don’t look so French, or McDonald’s.

We all have a soft mushy spot in our hearts for these delicacies. They may keep up with the appearance, but they aren’t so forgiving health-wise. Processed foods poison yur gut, increase inflammation, excite allergies, and lock in many harmful components in your body.

The Renew Diet will help you eliminate all this waste and embark upon a journey that hails of nutrition and is free of chemical juju.

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Benefits Of ReNew Food Plan List

  • Eliminates the presence of processed food
  • Promotes a healthy gut by making it free of gluten, dairy products, and grains
  • Diminishes level of inflammation
  • Targets food triggers and treats them to prevent allergies
  • Lowers cravings and food addictions
  • Boosts healthy metabolism
  • Offers essential phytonutrients to enable smoother working of the gut
  • Removes toxins and other harmful chemicals stuck inside
  • It gives your body a detox of sugar and sugary foods
  • It helps automatically balance cholesterol, blood sugar, and insulin

Things to Remember While On Renew Diet

  • Fish is a primary part of this diet, but you must choose the right ones in the correct quantity. Avoid eating sharks, swordfish, king mackerel, or tilefish, as they are filled with high levels of mercury. Instead, focus on sardines, anchovies, salmon, pollock, and catfish.The last thing you want is for your nervous system to be affected. Also, make sure the fish you are consuming is wild caught and not farmed  and full of pollutants and possbile antibiotic residue.
  • Histamine is a major cause for alarm, as more of it causes inflammation. Sometimes our body produces it on its own during stress and allergies. It would help if you avoided bananas, chocolate, strawberries, tomatoes, egg whites, fermented soy products, alcohol, and smoked meat.Freeze your leftover food immediately, as the more time these are left open, the more the histamine is produced, leading to unwanted situations like itching, sneezing, asthma, headache, and rash. Ditch stale food,and focus on eating food that has been freshly prepared.
  • If kidney stones scare you, you might want to reduce your intake of oxalates. As the body cannot alwasy process them, they are usually cast away in stool or urine. Soy products, tangerinse, spinach, black tea, berries, cocoa, and wheat have tremendous amounts of oxalate and will need to be kept in check.
  • Nightshades are a botanical herb with more than 2000 plant species. They are not called deadly nightshades for nothing and can lead to autoimmune diseases.
    Common edible nightshades found in households are ashwagandha, bell peppers, eggplant, jalapeno, chili powder, paprika, potatoes (except sweet potatoes), and tomato. People sensitive to lectin, saponin, or capsaicin should avoid nightshades altogether.
  • Surprisingly, salicylic acid is not just confined to your precious skincare routine. It has everything to do with your Detox Food Plan. Apart from being a natural immune hormone salicylates can cause harm to your being if consumed in excessive amounts.So, you must steer clear of them, especially if you are sensitive to them.Food items like citrus fruits, berries, certain vegetables, herbs, spices, tea, and flavor additives contain these ingredients. People with asthma, or those who use nasal pops daily, must avoid salicylates.This is because they might be sensitive to them, and they also should avoid using aspirin, flu medicine, muscle relaxant, and perfumes. This is because these things share the presence of this ingredient in their composition.

FAQs | Renew Food Plan

What are the IFM Renew Food Plan Recipes?

The IFM Renew Food Plan Recipes include various dishes at different times of the day depending on how healthy you want to live and what goals you want to achieve. In your main dish, you can get nutrition from Tart Cherry Pulled Chicken, Creamy broccoli ginger soup, Steak taco lettuce wraps, and Tandoori salmon.

Smoked salmon frittata, Sautéed zucchini with garlic, Kale with caramelized onions, and Berry vanilla milkshake are good options to consume in your breakfast. Tofu, salads, and kale are good for lunch, whereas your side dishes may include soup and grain free bread. Salmon cakes and chicken kebabs make for some excellent appetizers.

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Does Renew Weight Loss Work?

Yes, it does help you lose your body’s overall weight. It aims to reduce fat accumulation, so it burns the extra and unwanted pounds from your body to give your features an ideal shape. Users will not suffer from consuming this supplement because it has been prepared from all-natural ingredients. Also, the reduction of intaking sweeteners results in proper body functioning.

What is the Renew Diet Meal Plan?

The Institute for Functional Medicine states clearly that to follow the detox plan of ReNew, you would need to focus primarily on your food habits to teach healthy living. This involves having many different options in your diet meal plan depending on your particular issues.

These could involve a clean eating diet, elimination diet, detoxification diet, gluten-free diet, grain-free, dairy-free, egg-free, tree nut-free diet, pescatarian diet, vegetarian diet, vegan diet, low-oxalate diet, low-histamine diet, nightshade-free diet, low carb diet, keto diet, and many more.  Well worth it in the end to restore your health!


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