How to use the ionic detox foot bath system?
1. First, please fill in enough warm water between 85F and 105F into basin.
2. Insert the control panel to the basin
3. Find out the adapter which is included in the package, one point connects to DC INPUT on control panel, another to the household power outlet
4. Insert the array to control panel, put it inside the basin and adjust to central. Make sure there is enough water to cover the array.
5. Make a comfortable seat and then put your foot into basin.
6. When all lights blinking means it’s already electrified.
7. Now you can add a little sea salt about 0.1g for ionic conduction improvement. And then press starter button on the control panel.
8. One cycle is about 30 mins, each light means 5 mins. Machine will beep and all lights will blink together to let you know when one cycle finished.
9. When the 2nd light begin blinking, the 2nd 5 mins beign

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