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Some people ask about detoxing with raw food. Raw food is great to help detox the body. Just a word about what detoxifying means and why we need to do it.

In our society, certainly the way we eat, our pollution, all that, some of that gets trapped in the body. We’ve all heard the story about someone that they found pounds of meat that was still in the intestines after years. Things can get trapped if there’s not enough fiber that’s going through the body. Meat has no fiber in it. That’s why it tends to be one that can very much cling and stay in the intestines.

Also our cells themselves hold some of these pollutants. If we don’t eat organic and all, we’re getting pesticides in our foods. These things tend to glob onto the fat cells and hold in the body. Detoxifying, we want to get rid of these.

And what raw foods can do, first of all, there’s two layers. First of all raw foods itself is just going to help detoxify because we’re not putting in the toxins. There tend to be lots of water in raw foods, which helps the body eliminate. And you tend to get more fiber if you’re eating raw foods, because you’re not eating processed. It’s not taking out the fiber. So many of our processed food, like wheat, if you’re eating white wheat it’s taken out all the fiber part of it, and so you’re not getting the benefit of the full nutritional value of the food.

So the other thing with detoxing though is, actually juices. That’s the best way to detox. And when I say juices, mostly we’re talking green juices. Yew juice, kale, spinach, chard, cilantro, broccoli, celery. Anything that’s green and you’re getting a lot of chlorophyll, which is helping your body clean itself out. Chlorophyll really helps clean the body of toxins.

So, lots of green juices. Some people go on total green juice diet for like a week, and really detox and give the body a chance to heal itself. When you don’t eat the regular full food and just drink the juice your body doesn’t have to spend nearly the time to digest it, and that gives the body time to actually heal and cleanse itself.

A lot of people use the green juice to help detox. So those are some of the ways you can detox with a raw food diet.

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