Infused Water Detox Time

Infused water soaking time should be within 2 – 4 hours. You can also leave fruits to infuse overnight.

The length fruit infusion will depend on which type of herbs and fruit you use.

To name a few, herbs like basil can for 3 days. Rosemary and Thyme may last up to 7 days maximum.

When you’re not drinking your detox water, try to keep it in the refrigerator to slow down bacteria formation.

If you want to keep your infused water longer, keeping it in the refrigerator is recommended. This will slow down the formation of bacteria.

Some fruits needed to be used immediately because they will quickly seep into the water. These are melons, cucumbers and other citrus fruits.

While some, needs to be soaked in the water overnight. This is to get the juices out of them. Examples are fresh ginger root, rosemary, apples and cinnamon.

Take off the fruits and put the infused water back in the fridge for 3 days max in case you can’t drink the infused water within the day.

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