Unless you live under a rock, you have definitely heard about ‘diet trends’. Keto, detox, intermittent fasting and so on. The list is endless. You have also definitely heard about the numerous ‘health’ benefits of expensive exotic foods like avocado, chia seeds, kiwi, passion fruit etc.

But what if we say these are nothing but commercial traps for you? There’s not one scenario where simple eating cannot improve your health. You do not need fancy foods to stay healthy. You simply need healthy foods to stay healthy.

All our diet plans are made following the nutrition guidelines by ICMR, released every 10 years. Science doesn’t ask us to consume fancy foods, our consumerism does. Moreover, as dietitians and nutritionists, our goal is to create for you a wholesome diet plan that’s both effective and easy on the pocket.

Are you looking for healthy diet or fancy foods? The choice is yours.

Stay informed, stay healthy!

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