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Ella’s Magic Pan is a channel for everyone: for those who love to cook, for those who are eager to learn, for those who entertain guests at home, for those who do not enjoy cooking yet, are ready to try….
I am Suchandra, a professional facilitator of Behavioural Skills and a passionate cook. Ella is my grandkid of 8 months and I am her Granny.

I focus on quick, easy healthy and delicious meals that are great for the whole family.
However, I also make a number of deserts, salads and soups. This channel will provide you cuisines from all across the country and may be more.
My secret is to use the simplest of ingredients. I also pick up dishes from the places I visit and share those recipes.

About today’s video:
I bring to you, 7 different kind of salad. Delicious, easy, interesting dressings, healthy with different fruits and vegetables.
1. Sweet potato salad
2. Sprouty with a dash of beer dressing
3. Som Tam or raw papaya salad
4. Fruity & Nutty
5. Smooth & Creamy
6. Oriental Cucumber Salad
7. Beer dressing salad

We all know the benefits of salads. And who says dieting has to be boring n dull. Guys, spike it up n try you must…. each one has a different taste, crunch n flavour!! So cheers to detoxification & healthy eating.

To beat the heat wave we need to detoxify n stay cool.

Reduce inflammation. Inflammation occurs when your body is exposed to injury or foreign substances

Purify your blood

Lose weight

Sleep better. …

Boost your circulation.

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You must surely try at least 2 of these recipes.
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