Day 1 & Day 3 of
50 days Weight loss

Detox day👇
Wake up drink ACV.
Workout for one hr.
Post workout drink
warm water with haldi,
ginger, cinamon, pepper.
Bfast/lunch/dinner :
green tea with
lemon, honey.
drink more than 4ltrs
regular water.
sleep for atleast 8 to 9Hrs.

Day 2 (Eat day) Wake up drink ACV
Low intensity workout for 1hr.
post workout fruit pomogranate.
Bfast Oats vegetable Upma.
Lunch Broken wheat, paneer chana curry.
palak patchadi.
sambar with
liquid vegetables.
cucumber salad.
Evg snack dryfruit ladoo.
dinner skipped my soup since,
i didn’t felt hungry.

Hello Everyone,

It’s me Aruna raj Varma

Those who want to join our whats app diet group please contact Dr. Anusha Krishna, my friend
+91 97033 90005

.Naa innalla kashtaniki prathiphalam chustunaru ga ela undooo..

na one year Journey video short ga chudandi 👇

non stop 500 days workouts record breaker.
lost 50 kgs in 500 days.

115kgs to 65kgs.

No Gym, No dietetion consultation.
I just followed my heart and learnt things by my own and designed my own home workouts.
finally with my hardwork/Consistency and determination i achieved my goals.

That is “Ismart Aruna”.

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Disclaimer :
Andari body okela undadu, so edina chesemundu mee doctor ni consult ayi cheyatam chala manchidi.

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