De-tox yourself with Ghee
Why Ghee is given during th eAyurvedic Panchakarma treatment. This question is in the mind of all who come to our Santulan Ayurveda Centre for treatment.
Then there is the question, what is the benefit of Panchakarma itself. People have this understanding that panchakarma means taking a massage, or a shiro dhara, a laxative or emetics, taking a basti or enema, a nasya, or doing rakta mokshan-blood letting. So any of the five karmas are to be done.
Panchakarma is much more than that, it is the purification of the five elements earth, water, fire, air and space, it is a five elemental cleaning.
The aim of our treatment program is arresting the old age, to keep yourself young and rejuvenated. Means the young age stays for a longer time and the person lives a long life, and not just living for the sake of being alive, to live with good energy, to enjoy all the aspects of life and living, and live a long life.
There are impurities sitting tight, in the tissues, in every cell of the body, and we can say that the cells don’t have the capacity to run the body optimally and then the disease gets the entry inside.
So Panchakarma is to remove all the toxins out and to clean and purify every tissue in the body, tissues like bones, skin etc. Thus the panchakarma we do here, in Atmasantulana Village, after this the skin itself changes totally and the person, any one would be pleasantly surprised and ask what exactly is the secret, that you are looking so beautiful and young.
So what is happening. This ghee that is given, is medicated ghee, it has gone through a lot of processing and culturing. It is not a normal ghee, it is actually the A2 cow milk ghee, but it has been cultured in many steps, so when this ghee is given for drinking, we see that when 200gm of ghee is given for drinking to a person, it causes no heaviness to the body nor does the liver get affected, nothing like this happens, it reaches to every cell of the body. If I would make you drink the ghee for 7 seven days, then it would come out from the skin tissue.
So this ghee spreads all over the body, and the ghee does not allow the impurities to stay in our tissues. The nature of the ghee is such that it removes and dislodges the sticky impurities, in the form of aam, which gets separated from the tissues and comes to the digestive tract and then we give laxative treatment. They don’t come out very easily so by giving ghee and then with massage and steam additional help is given to separate the impurities from its place in the tissues and mobilise them to the digestive tract. Then a laxative medicine is given, so that all this comes out from the body.
Now some toxins still remain in the colon and lower part of the digestive tract and can again start distributing all over the body. To avoid this basti-enema treatment is given. The oil is also medicinal and cultured. It is not that just the oil is heated and some herbs are added and it is ready, it is a very long and meticulous process . The oil is boiled for many hours , with different medicinal herbs and water, milk is added and such medicated cultured oil or ghee is used for basti-enema treatment. The normal water enema is not of much use, maybe taken once in a while and it is ok, it causes dryness of the intestines, and in comparison the ghee when it reaches in the upper part, it pacifies the intestines, increases the absorptive capacity, and the food gets digested easily, and when the body pulls it upwards, then from this blood is formed, bones are formed, all the transformation happens.
Above this is the agni-the digestive fire, this too needs to be purified. For agni there is yoga, so there is regular practice of yoga and dhyaan-meditation. The space element purification takes place with the Aumkar, dhvani-sounds, chants, and meditation and this is also a regular part of the panchakarma treatment. And a different type of positive lifestyle is shown here, so that you realise that by living in this manner, I will become healthy. The disease naturally is kept away but also the body becomes more healthy and nice. So then you can adopt the same lifestyle at home too.

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